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The world right now by 10 X 10

Every hour, 10x10 scans the RSS feeds of several leading international news sources, such as Reuters World News, the BBC World Edition and the New York Times International News, and performs a process of weighted analysis on the text contained in their top news stories. The top 100 words are chosen, along with the 100 corresponding images.

When you open 10x10, you will see a grid of the top 100 world images that hour, ranked in order of importance, reading left to right, top to bottom. Along the right edge of the screen are listed the corresponding top 100 words, one for each image. Move your mouse around the images and you'll see which words match which images. Move your mouse up and down the word list, and the corresponding images will light up. Click any word or image to zoom in and see the news headlines behind the word. Click the headline links to read the original news stories. Click the zoomed image a second time to see the image full screen. To move through adjacent hours, use the "Next Hour" and "Previous Hour" buttons. You can also browse through past hours, days, months, and years. To do so, click the "History" button, and then select the year/month/day/hour you'd like to see. To view the top words for a single day, month, or year, select "Full Day", "Full Month", or "Full Year" from the date list.


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